Year-End Appeal: Why RealClear’s Readers Are the Best

December 2020

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Over the past year, many readers have shared what inspires them to support the RealClearFoundation, a nonprofit working in partnership with RealClearPolitics.

Their feedback reflects a sense of civic responsibility—and belief in a public discourse grounded in reality and open to a diversity of perspectives.

One donor described his gift as “an investment in the maintenance of our democracy.” Another said that sites like RealClearInvestigations (RCI), the Foundation’s signature initiative, help restore his faith in the free press. The nonpartisan nature of our reporting and curation of articles is a recurring theme.

A supporter who came aboard earlier this year, a historian of the Soviet Union, was alarmed by the
“extreme partisanship” of much of the American press in recent years—and expressed gratitude that there was at least one place on the web where she could find all sides of public debate represented. 

Many donors have mentioned RCI reporters by name—Richard Bernstein, Eric Felten, Mark Hemingway, Aaron Maté, John Murawski, and Paul Sperry. Ace investigative talent like this cannot be monetized by the pennies-per-click that come from online ads. It is encouraging when readers acknowledge the financial challenges facing journalism—and share some of their hard-earned money to help make serious reporting possible.

RealClear’s readers are the best. Please help advance the Foundation’s mission through a year-end donation today.